• evolo skyscraper - bubblOz

    Bubbloz, the O2 tower
    team: Livie Sukma Taristania, Prasetyo Condro Gumilar, Agam Putra Perdana

    One of the biggest causes that could threaten the earth ecosystem is the air pollution. This is caused by fumes, waste, and degradation of natural ability due to deforestation. It gets worsened by the public ignorance, and somehow leads to an expectation for architecture to control this situation without leaving the issue of the impact of contemporary culture and social evolution as well. In the other hand, there are aesthetic values of postmodern architecture ​​which have shifted towards futuristic tectonics. These matters are today’s architects’ to-do list in forming the right context for our civilization. The earth cannot grow anymore. One of the chances we have is to go “up”. 

    In this project, we use algae technique in dealing with pollution. The algae itself is also used as a metaphor for the architectural form. It is an organic-shaped tower that can turn carbon dioxide within the air into oxygen through algae membrane. The system is applied on the main bubbles at the top and smaller ones that hang onto the tower, and yes, we call it “bublos”. The design also facilitated with huge fans for sucking air into the building. These bublos have algae skin around them and after an electrical reaction occurs, the fan will absorb CO2 and the algae will turn it into O2. The process will continue as the air condition improves. In addition to using algae, we use solar panel as the significant additional power which is integrated with the work of algae membrane. After carbon dioxide is processed by the algae skin, it will be transformed into liquid form. Next, the liquid form will be kept in underground tank and will be used later as solar panel biofuel. So, we have two efforts from this system that are running simultaneously: air refinement and sustainable energy. 
    The tower is interpreted as a growing tree that rises from the ground. The bottom of the tower is described as towering roots. It is made on a very large scale to emphasize the perception of the tree’s strength. This section is functioned as a vertical circulation and the main hall. The giant trunk is used as the tower core, providing elevators and utilities for the building. The giant bublos are the main part. They are used as observation room where people can socialize or perhaps a sky terrace for sight-seeing. The small bublos provide vertical and horizontal circulation between towers. The tower will exist among the cities, providing new public space for people as a gigantic observation room. There will be linkages of capsules (modern public transportation) between towers. Each tower can have its own specific program, so public activities can be organized (art space, small forest, playground, etc.). The tower is intended only for public activities and made for better environment. By analogy, it is a new urban forest, recreating a balance between Mother Nature and human communities.