• Stayed on the Nille

    “stayed on the Nile”
    Nile river became known as the “Father of Life” and the “Mother of All Men”. The concept of shape is taken from the transformation of the Nile River that passes through Cairo. The Nile River, which has been the source of life for the local community for centuries, continues today. It is hoped that this bridge can solve pedestrian problems and can become a new public space that can further enliven the surrounding area. If seen from the side, this bridge has an uneven dynamic shape, so it can form the skyline of Cairo with a different perspective.

    The landing bridge at east bank will be on an empty site near the Egyptian Museum, while another landing bridge at west bank will be on Al-Masalah garden that is near the Opera house. Since it will be located between two tourism sites it will attract more tourists because of its walkability.
    The idea of the bridge’s organical plan came from the Nile river’s splitting, as we know it represents the livability of Cairo, while the supporting facilities on landing areas are influenced by ancient Egyptian art which is somewhat static and usually formal, therefore, it creates a contradictive configuration and composition that adding intermittent ambience.

    “stayed on the Nile” also means a cable-stayed bridge has one or more towers (or pylons), from which cables support the bridge deck. There are 3 main structures of the Pedestrian Bridge that adjust the shape and distribution of the load.