• Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art

    Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art,
    Rifat Chadirji Prize by @tamayouz.award
    International Competition, 2019.
    Honourable Mention.

    This Museum offers a space experience with forms that produce visual effects of light and shadow. Spacious and flexible space is useful for accommodating various forms of modern art, including performance art, both indoors and outdoors. The facade pulled deep into the site produces a spacious, shady entrance located in the southeast.
    The location of the museum which is in a historic place and rich in culture inspires the shape of the museum as an art itself. It is expected to be a symbol of modern art, technological progress and green evolution. Calligraphy, the combination of visual art and communication, can be adapted to various media, including architecture. Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art sign is shown on its facade in the form of calligraphy and turns it into an iconic buildings. The unique arrangement of the gallery is based on the media and how to appreciate it with the senses. All of the senses — sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste — are a part of the museum experience by making a multisensory booklet for visitors to carry around as they view the art.

    The museum produces its own energy from a facade that uses fully tempered laminated safety glass. It is equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic mono crystalline cells (Si - PERC). It is based on a filtering interlayer, a printing technique and the use of photovoltaic solar cells. The glass used in front is a textured glass for making the white matte and to avoid reflections.